Are your customers actively promoting you to others?

Six Steps to Success

We’re with you every step of the way.

Our journey always begins by getting more clarity on the conversations your customers are having about your business. Using the Net Promoter Score (NPS™), we explore how well your business is delivering the customer experience that has them actively promoting and recommending your services to friends and family.

Our passion, however, is to help you apply your customer research results to improve the delivery of products and services to your customers. Too often we see research being much too complex for many front-line staff to understand. Our proven Six-Step System (outlined below) utilises the true voice of the customer – verbatim – to identify the exact behaviours from which any coach can teach to increase performance.

1. Customer and staff research

The first critical step is to understand what your customers are saying about your business. We research your customers using NPS™, measure your business against industry best practice and recommend actions to improve your scores. We then present this in a workshop to engage all your teams.

2. Moments of truth service standards

We then help you identify all of your customer journey Touch-Points and create Service Standards for each one to ensure a 10/10 experience is delivered in your business for every customer, every time.

3. Leaders as coaches

Through our award-winning two-day ‘Leaders as Coaches‘ program, your leaders will to learn the techniques, behaviours and skills required to help their teams succeed in delivering the Service Standards, ensuring your customers return and spend more.

4. Training frontline teams

Your teams attend a half-day training course that will improve their communication and conversion rates, while they practice delivering the key Service Standards to deliver a 10/10 customer experience every time. We can also train key people within your business to deliver this training.

5. Test and measure

To accurately measure the transformation of your teams, we work with you to build and implement test & measurement systems to ensure we are measuring the things that will make the difference.

6. Continuous improvement

The key to any development program is what happens after the training. It’s what you do with what you know that makes the difference! Frequency of interaction drives improvement, so in some cases, on-going monthly coaching is required. Plus, every subsequent round of research includes a full-day session with your business.

‘Satisfaction’ is not enough. It must stand out.

At The Loyalty Zone, we developed a unique approach which greatly enhances the NPS™ platform to provide both metrics and insights that are helping our clients grow their businesses.

Many companies using NPS™ tend to focus only on their score, rather than identifying best practice drivers to dramatically improve their score.  Our principle is to measure the customer’s experience, not their satisfaction.​

An area that has been overlooked by practitioners of the NPS™ approach is the ‘satisfied or neutral’ group – the 7 & 8 ‘Passive’ scores.  We have found this group to be anything but neutral. In fact, this group poses the most significant risk to business growth, but also the greatest opportunity to convert into loyal customers.  We know that most businesses have the largest proportion of customers in this group.

We have also found there to be a massive distinction within the NPS™ ‘Promoters’ group – the 9 & 10 scores – providing an even greater opportunity for our clients to understand exactly how to deliver a 10/10 experience – every time.

We only research customers by phone or face-to-face.

Traditional satisfaction surveys can be long and customers usually get to say very little except to provide a score.

The level of detail in which we collect and analyse your customer feedback is critical, as it’s not always what your customers say that can be improved, but also what they are not saying. We know it’s the quality of the conversations we have with your customers that make the real difference. Our experienced researchers understand the art of conversing to probe responses that will identify the key behaviours that clearly determine your best practice drivers (things you’re doing well), as well as your improvement drivers (things you need to work on).

If you want to make a difference to your customers’ experience, you need to understand and focus on the areas that have the biggest impact on the customers’ experience.

By driving a better customer experience, you will drive more revenue.

What motivates your customers to choose your business?

If you want more customers recommending you to their friends and colleagues, then you need to know what makes them return. We explore how well your business is delivering the customer experience that has them actively promoting and recommending your services to friends and family. Ideally, this would be completed three times per year (every 4 months). The insights gained from the research we conduct are integral to your business in reaching ‘the zone’ and staying there.

You will learn:

What motivates your customers to choose your business in the first place

The percentage of customers who are loyal and why, and will definitely use your service again

The average word of mouth recommendation rateof your customers (how many customers they send to you)

The percentage of your customers who are only satisfiedand how you can improve their experience

The percentage of your customers who are detractors and how you can improve their experience

The percentage of customers who are engaging competitor companies and why